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At Modellbau- Takelgarn you can comfortably shop around the clock per Internet and have a look at the offers of the different goods.
If you are interested in a certain product, click on it to obtain more detailed information about it.

Your shopping cart

On the pages giving product details you will find an input field for the amount and the button "in the shopping cart".
Indicate the required number first and then click on "in the shopping cart" to store the product on your virtual "shopping list".
Then you can continue making purchases, laying other products into the shopping cart or modifying your order.
For some products we offer different variations: Here you have to select the desired variation first, for example, a certain length or colour, before you lay the product into the shopping cart.

Memo, other currency, recommend

With the function "price in other currencies" international visitors can be informed about the price of a product in their national currency.
This information, however, only shows an approximate value: The exact calculation will be made on the basis of the current exchange rate which can vary from the exchange rateshown before.
With the link "add to the memo" you can "reserve" products up to your next visit without obligations for you.
For this purpose, however, Cookies must be activated. With the function "show memo" you call up the reserved products again later.
By using the link "Recommend this product to others", you can send an e-mail to friends and acquaintances if you have found a product that might be of interest to them.
Therefore, our shop will open up your email- software and will issue a message with a link so that the addressee of the email can directly click on.

processing the order

Click on the point "show memo" if you want to have a look at your current order. Now you will receive an overview of the articles which you have laid in the goods basket before.
If you want to change the order amount afterwards, click on the field "Order amount", and indicate the new number.
Afterwards click on the button "Sums update". To extinguish a product completely from your order, click on the extinguishing symbol next to the product.
In order to find out details concerning a product in the goods basket, click the respective name.
If your order is compleete, click on the button " proceed to check-out ".

Modes of dispatch and payment

In the next window you choose the requested mode of dispatch. If forwarding expenses arise, they will be indicated here.
Mark the respective mode of dispatch and click on "continue". The requested mode of payment is bank transfer.
With the confirmation you will receive an invoice showing all details of the order, the bank code and the account number.
Then you click again on the button "continue".

Your address

Now a window opens, in which your personal data are indicated given with your registration.
If the data have changed, click on the link " change your personal data " and adapt the information to the dialogue starting now.
If necessary, you can also indicate a divergent delivery address in this form. Moreover this form allows you to leave a message.
As soon as you have completed the form, click on the button "continue".


In the following part the order will be summarized with all data shown once again as an overview.
Please check whether all information is correct whether all the articles and their numbers are correct and whether you have selected the requested modes of dispatch and payment.
This screen from also our general terms of business - briefly Terms and Conditions of business - because you must agree to these before placing the order, while marking the suitable controlling box.
Afterwards click on "place order" to conclude the order. Then you receive a confirmation with the bank code, account number and the invoice in the appendix.

Written order

If you decide to send your order by mail, open the window “order successfully” and click the link “print your order”.
The function “print” offered by your web browser will allow you to print the required form.
Please complete and send it to us.