served cotton ropes

Starting with the second half of the 16-th century ropes were served namely where they strongly chaffed. These were, e.g., the stay-collar and the ends of stays. Shrouds were served at those places where they were laid around the mast's top. At the beginning they were served up to the lashing, a little later up to the futtock-shrouds.
In the first half of the 17-th century some of the guys were served, in the second half of the 17-th century the same was done with the first shroud pairs, a little bit later also with bob-stays, backstays and jib-boom-guys. Also block-strops were often served to protect them against wear and tear.

Bigger lengths and other diameters are available on request!

D: 0,9 mm, dark brown, served 1,00 EUR

D: 1,0 mm, dark brown, served 1,10 EUR

D: 1,1 mm, dark brown, served 1,15 EUR

D: 1,2 mm, dark brown, served 1,20 EUR

D: 1,3 mm, dark brown, served 1,30 EUR

D: 1,4 mm, dark brown, served 1,40 EUR

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